Cakes For Her

Tiffany Style Cake

Tiffany Style Box Cake With Cupcakes Ref:FHTIF1
Tiffany Box Cake Ref: FHTIF3

Sofa Themed Cake

Sofa Themed Cake Ref: FHSOFA1

Prices start from


Shoe Themed Cake

Louboutin Shoebox Cake Ref: FHLOU1
2 Tier Gold Sparkly Shoe Ref: FHSHOE1
Pink Shoe Cake with Bows Ref: FHSHOE2
Shoe and Shopping Cake Ref: FHLOU2

Spa Themed Cake

Spa Themed Cake Ref: FHSPA1
Spa Themed Cake Ref: FHSPA2
Spa Themed Cake Ref: FHSPA2

Horse Stable Cake

Horse Stable Themed Cake Ref: FHSTAB1

Present Cake

Blue Bow Present Cake Ref: FHPRES3
Pink Bow Present Cake Ref: FHPRES2
Gold Bow Present Cake Ref: FHPRES1
Round Present Cake with Bow Ref: FHPRES4

Pretty Blossom Cake

Pretty Blossom Cake Ref: FHBLOS1

Drip Cakes

Pink Buttercream Drip Cake Ref: FHDRIP2
Unicorn Drip Cake REF: FHUNI1
Ombre Pink Drip Cake Ref: FHDRIP3
Ombre Pink Drip Cake Ref: FHDRIP4
Gold Chocolate Drip Cake Ref: FHDRIP1

Teapot Cake

Rose Teapot Cake Ref: FHTEAPOT1

Rose Cakes

Rose and bunting cake Ref: FHROSE5
Yellow Roses and gold theme cake Ref: FHROSE3
Pink Roses theme cake Ref: FHROSE2
Pink and blue rose cake Ref: FHROSE1

Handbag Cakes

Beige Mulberry Handbag Cake Ref: FHBAG3
Ted Baker Handbag Cake Ref: FHBAG1
Bag Cupcakes Ref: FHBAG5
White Chanel Handbag Ref: FHBAG2
Pink Radley Handbag Cake Ref: FHBAG4
Chanel Handbag Cake Ref: FHBAG6

Make Up / Beauty Themed Cakes

Chloe Perfume Bottle Cake Ref: FHPERF1
Chanel themed birthday cake Ref: FHCHAN1
Chanel themed birthday cake Ref: FHCHAN2
Chanel themed birthday cake Ref: FHCHAN3
Nail Varnish Cake Ref: FHNAIL1

Shopping / Fashion Themed Cakes

Amazon Parcel Cake Ref: FHSHOP3

Price from


Designer Shopping Themed Cake Ref: FHSHOP1
Mannequin Dress Themed Cake Ref: FHFASH1
Shopping Themed Cake Ref: FHSHOP2

Yoga Themed   Cake

Yoga Themed Cake Ref: FHYOGA1

Knitting Themed Cake

Knitting Themed Cake Ref: FHKNIT1

Lace Hatbox Cake

Lace Hatbox Cake Ref: FHHAT1

Dog Walking Cake

Dog Lover Cake Ref: FHDOG1

Garden Themed Cake

Flower pot cake Ref: FHGARD5
Flower pot cake Ref: FHGARD4
Patio Garden Themed Cake Ref: GARD3
Garden Themed Cake Ref: FHGARD2
Garden Themed Cake Ref: FHGARD6
Rose Garden Cake Ref: FHGARD1

Ribbon Roses and Bow Cake

Ribbon Roses and Bow themed cake Ref: FHRIB3
Ribbon Roses and Bow themed cake Ref: FHRIB2
Ribbon roses and bow cake Ref: FHRIB1

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