Chocolate Drip Cakes

Chocolate Drip Cake CHOCDRIP1
Peanut Butter Chocolate Drip Cake CHOCDRIP2
Chocolate Drip Cake CHOCDRIP3
Chocolate Drip Cake CHOCDRIP4
Mint Chocolate Drip Cake CHOCDRIP5
Chocolate Drip Cake CHOCDRIP7
Chocolate Drip Cake CHOCDRIP8
Chocolate Drip Cake CHOCDRIP6
Chocolate Drip Cake CHOCDRIP9

Coated in delicious chocolate ganace and topped with a selection of your favourite chocolate. Available with 7 days notice and to buy online


Drip Cakes

Bright Marble Drip Cake DRIP1
Purple Drip cake with dogs DRIP4
Unicorn Sweet Drip Cake DRIP7
Drip Cake with flowers DRIP2
Ombre Drip Cake DRIP5
Unicorn Drip Cake DRIP8
Buttercream Drip Cake DRIP10
Drip Cake with Flowers DRIP3
Ombre Drip Cake DRIP6
Lego Drip Cake DRIP9

Buttercream Cakes

Buttercream Cake BUTCRM1
Buttercream Drip Cake BUTCRM13
Buttercream Cake BUTCRM2
Buttercream Teddy Cake BUTCRM8
Tricolour Cupcakes BUTCRM11
Watercolour unicorn drip cake BUTCRM10
Semi Naked Cake BUTCRM4
Buttercream rossettes BUTCRM5
Buttercream drip with flower BUTCRM9
Tricolour buttercream Cake BUTCRM7
Chocolate Rosette Cake BUTCRM6
Buttercream teddy cake BUTCRM3
Tricolour Cupcakes BUTCRM12

We are based in Woodley, Reading, Berkshire and can deliver to all surrounding areas.....

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