Food & Drink Themed Cakes

Bottle Cake

Jack Daniels Whiskey Bottle Cake Ref: FDWHISK1
Bombay Gin Bottle Cake Ref: FDGIN1
Guinness Pint Glass Ref: FDGUIN1
Grey Good Vodka Cake Ref: FDVODKA1

Lager Cake

Can of Fosters Cake Ref: FDLAGER1

Price From


Ice Bucket Cakes

Beer Bucket Cake Ref: FDBEER1
Champagne Ice Bucket Cake Ref: FDCHAMP1

Cocktail Cake

Porn Star Martini Cocktail Cake Ref: FDCTAIL

Trifle Cake

Trifle Cake Ref: FDTRIFLE1

Price From


Bowl Of Salad Cake

Bowl of Salad Cake Ref: FDSALD1

Burger Cake

Beef Burger Cake Ref: FDBURGER1

Pringles Cake

Pringle Crisp Cake Ref: FDPRING

Mug Of Tea Cake

Mug of Tea Cake Ref: FDTEA1
Mug of Tea Cake Ref: FDTEA2

Wedge of Cheese Cake

Wedge of Cheese Cake Ref: FDCHEESE1
Terry Chocolate Orange Cake Ref: FDCHOCORANGE

Giant Cupcake Cake

Giant Cupcake Cake Ref: FDCUPCAKE2
Giant Cupcake Cake Ref: FDCUPCAKE1

Party Cake

Party Cake Ref: FDPARTY1

M & M Sweet Cake

M & M Sweet Cake Ref: FDMANDM2
M & M Sweet Cake Ref: FDMANDM1

Tutti Frutti Cake

Tutti Frutti themed Cake Ref: FDTUTTI

Price From


Champagne Themed Cakes

Champagne Themed Cupcakes Ref: FDCHAM3 £3 each
Champagne Themed Cupcakes Ref: FDCHAM2 £3 each
Champagne Themed Cake Ref: FDCHAM1

Price from


Cocktail Cupcakes

Cocktail Themed C Ref: FDCOCKTAIL1 £2.75 each
Vodka Themed Cupcakes Ref: FDVODKA1 £3 each
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