Shoes, Bags & Shopping Themed Cakes

Shoe Themed Cakes

Black & Red Louboutin Shoe Cake Ref: SBSS
Pink Bow Shoe Cake Ref: SBSSHOE2

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Designer Handbag Cakes

Beige Mulberry Handbag Cake Ref: SBSBag1
Ted Baker Handbag Cake Ref: SBSBAG2

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Fashion Themed Cake

Fashion Themed Cake Ref: SBSFASH1

Single Tier From £75

Designer Shopping Themed Cake

Designer Shopping Themed Cake Ref: SBSSHOP1

Single Tier From


Tiffany Box Cake

Tiffany Box Cake Ref: SBSSHOP2
Tiffany Box Cupcake Tower Ref: SBSSHOP3
Tiffany Box Cupcakes Ref: SBSSHOP4 £3 each

Price From £75

Dress Cake

Mannequin Dress Cake Ref: SBSSHOP10

Price From


Lace Fashion Cake

Lace Fashion Cake Ref: SBSSHOP8

Price From


Amazon Parcel Cake

Amazon Parcel Cake Ref: SBSSHOP6

Price From 


Lace Hatbox Cake

Lace Hatbox Cake Ref: SBSSHOP9

Price From 


Shoe Shopping Cake

Shoe Shopping Cake Ref: SBSSHOP7

Price From


Cat Walk Fashion Cake

Cat Walk Cake Ref: SBSSHOP11

Price From


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