Unicorn Cakes

So popular and cute they deserve a page of their own!

Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorn Themed Cupcakes Ref: UNI14
Unicorn Themed Cupcakes Ref: UNI17
Unicorn Themed Cupcakes Ref: UNI16

£3.00 Each

Unicorn & Bunting Cake

Tiered heart unicorn cake Ref: UNI11

Single Tier from 


Unicorn Sweet Drip Cake

Unicorn Sweet Drip Cake Ref: UNI9
Unicorn Sweet Drip Cake Ref: UNI9a

Price From


Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Bright Rainbow Unicorn Cake Ref: UNI7
Rainbow Unicorn Cake and Cupcakes Ref: UNI8
Rainbow My Little Pony Cake Ref: UNI16
Rainbow Unicorn Cake Ref: UNI6

Available in a standard depth cake and extra deep cake

Cake from £70

Rainbow Cupcakes £3 each 

3d Unicorn Cake

3d Novelty Unicorn Cake Ref: UNI1

Price from £150

Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Cake

Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Cake Ref: UNI13
Pastel Unicorn Cake Ref: UNI12

Price from


Unicorn Drip Cake

Unicorn Drip Cake Ref: UNI10

Price from


Unicorn Cake

Tricolour Unicorn Cake Ref: UNI15
Silver Horn Unicorn Cake Ref: UNI5
Pink and Blue Unicorn Cake Ref: UNI2
Pink & Purple Unicorn Cake Ref: UNI4
Pastel Extra Deep Unicorn Cake Ref: UNI3
Pastel Extra Deep Unicorn Cake Ref: UNI18

Available in standard depth cake or extra deep cake

Price from £70

Rainbow Sponge

All of our cakes are available with 6 layers of delicious rainbow coloured sponge.....

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